Welcome to Murray Stamps, Ink by Ann Murray

I am so glad that you are here. I would like to share my love of making stuff with you, my love of Stampin’ Up! products, and how successful you can be using them. I can teach you how to start stamping successfully or bring you to that next level of stamping for both cardmaking and scrapbooking. I enjoy what I do!

I am not OCD. But I do like an organized workspace. If you need help getting your crafting area optimized for your workflow, I can help.

I can’t remember a time when I was not making or imagining something to make. It’s all about the journey! So join me at Murray Stamps Ink for inspiration.

I have been using Stampin’ Up! products since 1998. At first, it was just a little paper and then came the markers. Why not get that one multipurpose stamp set to use on everything? So I did. And one thing let to another. Gradually I stopped looking at other paper and ink because I realized that Stampin’ Up! is well-coordinated and it takes the guesswork out of color coordination. Do I use other products? Yes, but not as much as I used to and only those that complement Stampin’ Up! products.

How did I get here? Well, ever since I can remember if I could make someone a gift I did. You name it – macrame, cross-stitch, needlepoint, swimsuits (bikinis for the neighbor girls and I), doll clothes, jewelry, painting, knitting, yarn art, weaving, rock art, collage, tin punch, ceramics, stenciling, scrapbooking, and more recently quilting. Then, I would spend hours wrapping the gift. I have to admit that at times the wrapping was way better than the gift. LOL

I am an Air Force Brat. We moved around a bit. I think in retrospect, crafting was my best friend. It was the constant that I could control. No offense to my 2 brothers.

My parents are both makers. I remember my Mom and her friends making angels from cheesecloth and lace, pouring something into molds and making grapes and costumes lots of costumes. My Dad would build tree forts, room dividers, sheds, garage to playroom conversions and so much more. I know that there was nothing they could not make between them.

Currently, I am married, 2 kids, 1 daughter-in-law, 1 almost son-in-law, and 6 grandkids.

You are probably wondering about my banner logo. Why the seahorse and the dragon in my banner? One is real the other imaginary. We use real awesome products (cue Stampin’ Up!) and our imaginations. The seahorse likes to swim in pairs, are charismatic, and can travel long distances. I like to craft with friends and will travel. And the dragon? Well, I could wax poetic about the dragon and how it sparks the imagination. Good? Evil? Depends. Let’s just say dragons have sharp eyes (in my book). The better to see details.

I hope that I can inspire you to create and enjoy the process as much as I do. I hope that you enjoy my blog and take away a tip or an inspiration to try something new. And somewhere along the way, it is my desire that you give a card to a stranger just to see them smile.

Please contact me at ann@murraystampsink.com if you have questions about Stampin’ Up!, projects on my site or anything craft-related. Subscribe to my site for email updates. If you live in the Chicago area, I’d love to meet you to share my projects with you or to host a stamping party for you.

Do Something Creative Every Day,


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