Stampin’ Up! went to the drawing board and created a better mouse trap…oops…I mean, paper trimmer. Are you excited? I definitely am. Here are photos of the new Stampin’ Trimmer. It is lightweight, portable, and perfect for making stable and straight cuts! It is less expensive than the previous paper trimmer with more awesome features! 

152392_PAPER_TRIMMER_4 - whole unit


  • Surface area: 15-3/8 x 8 x 1/2” (39 x 20.3 x 1.3 cm)
  • On the left side of the blade, the cutting platform displays both imperial (inches) and metric (millimeters) ruler in three places (top, middle and bottom) with grid measurement markings (at 1″ and 1/4″) to help you make more precise cuts!
  • On the right side of the blade, the cutting platform has the same measurement markings for precisely cutting thin strips.
  • There are measurement marks on the right side of the blade arm. Useful for some of those fancy cuts!
  • When not in use, the extension arm snaps into place, flush with the cutting platform.  When in use, the arm extends to 17 inches.
  • The cutting platform shows 6 1/4″ and when the extension arm is extended, the 6 1/2″ measurement is displayed “in the gap at the top” between the cutting platform and the extension arm.  So no more guessing!
  • The blade cutting handle is physically larger making it easier to hold, plus there is a cutting pointer for precise measuring and cutting.
  • The cutting surface of the blade itself is 4x larger than before, very sharp and deeply set making it easier to slice cleanly through cardstock, Designer Series Paper (DSP) and the thicker Glimmer Paper, foils and Specialty Designer Series Papers. 
  • The cutting blade track is integrated into the platform. No more falling out!
  • The ruler and grid on the cutting platform are protected by a durable plastic cover and your cardstock and designer paper will slide easily into position for cutting.
  • There are non-slip rubber feet on the bottom of the trimmer for balance and stability. I am in heaven – no more slipping paper trimmer resulting in ‘off-cuts’. Now it’s just me resulting in ‘off-cuts’ LOL.
  • It comes with 1 cutting blade and 1 scoring blade; and, the replacement blades are sold four to a pack for just $12!
  • Cutting arm is self-locking. Yippee no more looking for the toggle to lock the arm down.
  • And lastly, the trimmer can hang on the wall for easy storage — freeing up valuable real estate on your craft desk! Say what? Hang on the wall. Oh Yeah!!!


152392_PAPER_TRIMMER_27 - close up of gap between arm and platform

152392_PAPER_TRIMMER_17 - close up of scoring and cutting blades

Here is just a quick funny video to get you excited about the upcoming reveal!  I’ll let you know when this new paper trimmer is available for purchase.



  1. Looking for the 5-1/2″ measurement? When the sidearm is closed there is a solid line on the arm. That is an exact 5-1/2″ measurement. 
  2. If you are getting an indent on your cutting edge, don’t push so hard. You are stronger than you think. LOL!
  3. The platform and arm are covered by a thin protective film that should be removed before using the paper trimmer. Just rub the corner with your finger until it releases, then pull the film off.
  4. To change the blades, look for the wider opening near the bottom of the blade arm. There are tabs on the underside of the blade. Pull the blade to be changed to the opening and gently lift the first tab, move blade toward opening and lift the back tab. Reverse to reinstall. (CAREFUL – BLADE IS SHARP!)
  5. As always, when scoring you get the best indent on cardstock if you score in each direction (down and up).


I have been using the new Stampin’ Trimmer all month and it is absolutely awesome. I have 6 different paper trimmers and I put all my other paper trimmers away to use this one exclusively. 

The new Stampin’ Trimmer is only available to demonstrators until October 31st. If you would like to get your trimmer NOW,  you can add it to your Starter Kit when you join my Murray Stamps Ink Team. We have an amazing group that enjoys laughing, sharing and spending time crafting together. Click here to sign up for $99 and receive $129 in Stampin’ Up! product, and to save at least 20% on all future orders.

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