Today I would like to share a Pretty Pillowbox table favor with a little holly tag. I am not usually a box or bag maker. But I have changed my tune. Take a look at the Pretty Pillowbox dies and envision all the fun ways to use them. For instance, table favors at a holiday event, countdown gifties for birthdays, wedding/engagement favors, and the list goes on.

FACTOID: In the 16th century the tradition of giving a small gift to all wedding guests from the newlywed couple was believed to bring good luck. Gifts included handcrafted trinkets, a candle, or some other small item. Sugar was expensive and thought to have medicinal properties (that’s my story and I am sticking with it!). Wedding favors among the aristocracy took the form of sugary treats that were presented in a box made of gold, porcelain, or crystal and decorated with gemstones. The trend trickled down to the masses and became the norm as sugar prices decreased. I think that we are inherently wired to give a gift to show our esteem for another. Gifting started with the cavemen and a good rock…LOL 🤣🤣😂

Okay, I promised to show you the Pretty Pillowbox dies. Here they are

Pretty Pillowbox dies


The Pillowbox die has score lines. Using your Bone Folder and fingers you will need to crease along the score lines. Pay attention to the corners so you get a nice creased overlap from front to back. TIP: Use your fingertips to press from both sides to gently round the sides of the pillowbox. Use the Bone Folder to slightly round the front flap. But how do I close the box? There are several ways to keep that box closed. Here are 3 ways

TOP OPEN – Carefully add glue to the sides of the larger piece and fold the edges over the glue. The seam will be along the back of the pillowbox. You have a little wiggle room but it could get messy if you over glue. Then tie the box closed with a ribbon. See how cute those little nuggets are tucked in the pillowbox?

Pillowbox sides glued

SIDE OPEN – Glue the front flap down. The box easily opens from either end. This is the easiest, fastest, and neatest way to close the box. TIP: Use a 1/2″ punch to make a finger pull on the inside flap.

NO GLUE METHOD – Make a tag and adhere it to the front of the pillowbox. Then tuck the flap behind the tag. When opened, the box lies flat. TIP: Glue the tag/label on 3 sides, leaving the top open.

Here is my Pretty Pillowbox Table Favor.

Pillowbox with holly tag


I used the Holly Berry dies to create my tag. My goal was to make a tag that included a ribbon to be wrapped around a package and removed without damaging the package or the tag. Lofty goal? Probably not! But I did succeed.

Die-cut the holly leaf ‘skeleton’ and a twig piece from Soft Succulent and Evening Evergreen cardstock. Then die-cut 3 solid berries from Thick Basic White cardstock.

Set-up your Stamparatus to stamp multiples or use your clear acrylic blocks. Stamp the solid berry image in Real Red and the outline image in Cherry Cobbler ink.

Layout the holly, twig, and stamped berry pieces together then match up a solid berry die-cut and secure the bundle. Then sandwich that bundle over a piece of ribbon long enough to go around your package (I used 15″ – 18″ and then trimmed).

Layer 1 of holly cluster
Layer 2 of holly cluster
That was too much liquid glue. LOL! Maybe try Glue Dots.
Layer 3 of Holly Cluster


Setting up for 2-Step stamping with the Stamparatus makes stamping multiples quick. You line up the stamped images ideally once and the rest is clockwork. This is the beauty of a removable plate!

Stamp the solid image on a piece of cardstock. DO NOT REMOVE THE STAMP FROM THE STAMPARATUS. Then flip the plate over and line up the outline stamp over the solid stamp. Do this until you have ‘your’ perfect stamped image. Die-cut the image then put the negative pieces back in the Stamparatus in the same orientation as you stamped.

Set up for 2-step stamping Part 1

Place a blank die-cut into the negative. Stamp the solid image in Real Red ink.

Set up for 2-step stamping Part 2

Flip the Stamparatus Plate and stamp the outline image in Cherry Cobbler ink. Clean the ink off the stamp when necessary carefully or you will have to start the process all over. I found it best to dab the damp (not soaking wet) Shammy instead of wiping works best.

Set up for 2-step stamping Part 3

By now you may be wondering what Designer Series Paper I used. I used Year of Cheer a retired paper. Any cardstock or patterned paper works well. Consider using solid cardstock and giving it some texture with an embossing folder. Crease the Score lines well before embossing. Any piece that is at least 4-1/2″ x 6″ will work. 😀

Head to my Stampin’ Up! shop and purchase your Pretty Pillowbox dies today. Use the stamps and papers in your collection or peruse the many awesome stamps and patterned papers by Stampin’ Up! A quality product that will not disappoint with color coordination and on-trend images.

Go forth and make a Pretty Pillowbox Table Favor for your next gathering.




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