This week I received some beautiful cards in the mail. I just want to take a moment to share this random love from friends.

Snail Valentine

Snailed It stamp set and Playful Alphabet dies.

Hearts Galore

Lots of Heart stamp set with Mercury Glass Designer Acetate.

Blossoms in Bloom clear embossed

Blossoms in Bloom stamp set with clear embossing.

Hope you enjoyed seeing these as much as I did being on the receiving end. It is such a gift to receive a handmade card. We all send cards that we have put our heart and time into and then never hear whether it was appreciated. And once in a while, we hear that someone just throws their cards away after the holiday or event. Gasp! Well, let’s think about that.

Here is my rationale for sending a card. I enjoy making the card and thinking about the recipient. Even when I have no specific person in mind when I am creating. Then I send the card and smile to myself about how perfect this card is for this person and this event. Satisfaction! Done!

Now sometimes, I hear from the recipient and they tell me that the card was lovely or that it came at the right time and cheered them up. I thank them and feel the joy all over. But I must confess, I don’t always remember which card I sent. And why don’t I remember? Because all my joy was packaged up and sent with a postage stamp and I got on to making more joy. And if they throw it away or remake it to send it to another person, that is up to them. I am good.

The unsolicited moral is that we get joy from creating and sending. We can envision the ‘Hallmark’ moment when our recipient opens the card and smiles. That should be enough. Anything that comes after is just an extra joy. One exception, if the card includes money or is attached to a gift, then you better get a thank you card back. LOL!

My challenge to you … send some random love to a friend and do not expect anything in return.

Do Something Creative Every Day,