One of my favorite things about Stampin’ Up! is the color coordination. This coordination of paper, markers, and ink is the key to successful projects. And the major player in the coordination arena is the ink pad. They are AWESOME! Ink pads are an investment that will last many years if you take care of them. Here are some helpful tips on Cleaning, Maintaining & Storing your Stampin’ Up! ink pads. 

Our unique firm foam ink pads have a flip top for upside-down storage, keeping the ink right where you need it and providing even coverage for your stamps. The water-based dye ink is fast-drying and acid-free (safe to use with photos). And of course, you can re-ink Stampin’ Pads to keep just the right consistency.


Stampin’ UP! offers a firm foam ink pad in the Versamark and the coordinated color line. They also have a linen pad in the Momento Tuxedo Black and the StazOn Jet Black. Ink Refills are available for all current ink pads. Once a color is retired, it becomes more difficult to find the reinker. I highly recommend purchasing the reinker when purchasing the ink pad. When colors are retired the reinker inventory is quick to deplete. Don’t let that sadness happen to you and your favorite color ink pad.


Press on the top back side of the lid on the ink pad and the case will pop open. Then flip it open like a compact and slide it back and into the case base. When you close your ink pad make sure you get a tight close. Listen for the SNAP!


Stampin’ UP! coordinated color line inks are dye-based and easy to clean. I use the Stampin’ Up! Simply Shammy, a damp (not drippping wet) paper towel or non-alcohol baby wipe to clean my cases. Clean the case edge next to the ink pad carefully with a moist cotton swab. NOTE: I used hand sanitizer on a rag to clean my stamp cases and it changed the color on the label. Don’t do that!


Oh dear, your ink pad was hit by the glitter fairy. It is OK!. Take a breath. Take a piece of transparent tape or a lint roller on the offending area. Gently pull up the tape and throw it away. This method works for removing any foreign object from the ink pad. DO NOT try to remove foreign matter from your foam ink pad with tweezers or your fingernail. It is very easy to put a knick in the ink pad.


It is easy to cross-contaminate your inks when you have several open at the same time. Use the Simply Shammy to blot off the color. Check to see if you need to reink and follow the reinking instructions. The ink pads have color stickers on the back of the case. These are for labeling the outside and inside of the case. The new cases have a ‘well’ at the edge of the ink pad that is perfect for placing the label inside the case making it easier to identify which ink pad you are using. I put a label on the frontside and backside of the lid edge, on the top right edge of the ink pad base, and on the inside lip of the ink pad base case.


Over time and use you will notice that your images are a little faded. This indicates that it is time to reink. How long until your ink pad gets low on ink is entirely dependent upon how you use it. I have some ink pad colors that I do not use often and others that I reink every couple of months.


  • Open the ink pad and squeeze a squiggle pattern of ink across the center of the pad. Stay away from the edges. The ink will sit on top of the foam.
  • Then take a plastic spoon, put a couple of fingers in the spoon bowl, and using the back of the spoon gently press the ink into the pad moving it out toward the edges.
  • Let the ink pad sit for a couple of minutes once all the ink is ‘pressed’ into the pad. Wipe off your spoon and continue inking other pads.
  • Start with just one application of ink. Stamp your image and add more ink if necessary.
  • If you see foam on the top of the pad, you may be over-inking. To remove ink from the pad, blot with a paper towel and reink if necessary.
  • The Stampin’ UP! ink pads are formulated not to foam when stamping.
  • If there are ‘crystals’ or discoloration on the ink pad, use the edge of an old gift card (or hotel key) to scrape off the gunk and reink. If that does not solve the problem, gently wash the ink pad under cool tap water and reink (last resort).


The Archival Pads, Uninked Stampin’ Spots, and older Stampin’ UP! pads are linen or felt. These are very easy to ink. Just squiggle the ink down the center of the pad and let sit for 15-20 minutes. The ink will wick into the pad and spread. Start with just one application. Add more if needed.


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This is an older video on ink pads but all the information is good.


  • Use the back of a spoon instead of a bone folder to reink stamp pads
  • Open the ink pad like a compact and slide it back into the base. You can also lay the ink pad on a flat surface and press the back of the pad on the lid to the inside of the stacking dots. The lid will pop up and then you can open it and slide the lid back into the base.


Have you seen the Storage by Stampin’ Up!? These are perfect for storing your supplies within reach. They take up minimal space and are stackable. The footprint of each is 5″ x 5″ with varying heights.


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